Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary goal of Encircled®?

Our primary goal is to help youth sustain their faith as they transition to adulthood. We believe that with the support of Mentor Circles, youth can build a resilient faith they keep for a lifetime.

How does Encircled® differ from other youth mentorship programs?

Encircled is uniquely designed to address the need for a long-term, sustainable faith journey for youth. Our method involves not just individual mentorship but also engagement of a full Mentor Circle who intentionally walk alongside the youth, helping them discover and utilize their God-given gifts.

Who is the target age group for Encircled® resources?

Our program is being built to support youth from 0 to young adulthood.

How can faith communities benefit from Encircled®?

Encircled® provides faith communities with a method of equipping and supporting their youth and Mentor Circles. By adopting the Encircled® method, churches and organizations can foster a culture of mentorship and support that leads to long-term faith journeys for their youth.

How can parents get involved with Encircled®?

Parents play a crucial role in what we do at Encircled®. By being a part of their child's Mentor Circle, parents can actively participate in guiding and supporting their youth's faith journey. We provide resources and strategies to help parents and faith communities work together in this endeavor. Parents can purchase and deploy our resources themselves or work with a youth leader in their child’s life.

How does the Mentor Circle concept work?

A Mentor Circle is a team of individuals, including parents, mentors, and other supporters, who come together to provide guidance, encouragement, and support to the youth. This collective approach ensures that the youth is surrounded by a network of positive influences, helping them navigate their faith journey over the long haul.

How can organizations or churches integrate the Encircled method into their existing youth programs?

Encircled® offers resources and strategies tailored for easy integration into existing youth programs. By adopting our method, organizations can enhance their mentorship efforts, ensuring a more holistic and sustainable approach to youth faith development.