Encircled wants to better equip parents to help them prepare and launch their children into adulthood with faith intact. Based on research and our experience, when youth have a Mentor Circle alongside parent(s) youth are able to better grow and sustain their faith as they make the transition into adulthood. 


Parent-Caregiver Resources


Parent Essentials: Useful resources that help parents nurture a lasting faith in their child.

Mentor Essentials: Helpful tools that help your children’s mentors foster spiritual growth and maturity in their mentees.

Grandparent Essentials: Easy-to-use resources that help your kids grandparents nurture faith in their grandkids.


Here’s a recent testimony from an Encircled Youth’s Parents:




Connected Families: Encircled believes in the powerful parenting resources that Connected Families continues to share and grow. Check out their regular emails, online courses and resources to better equip you as parents. They also have a great Podcast. Encircled was recently interviewed about Mentorship aired on Oct. 23! Check it out below:


CF Podcast:

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